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Upcyle lifestyle in one package

Personal styling and new fashion items every month

Upcycle package: Welkom

Kies je abonnement

  • Cycle fash package

    Elke maand
    Perfect for conscious fashionable people
    • 1 upcyle creation a month
    • 2 secondhand pieces to borrow
    • Personal styling tips and tricks
  • Creation package

    Elke maand
    Perfect for a tranformal closet
    • 1 upcycle piece
    • Styling advice
Upcycle package: PaidPlans

Why di'Elle upcycle

Use what nature gives you

Connection with nature

Less use of chemicals, energy and water

Short production chain

Reused material

Balance between human and ecosystem

Lokale redesign and donate community

Smart streaming

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Upcycle package: Impact
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