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Upcycle dresses for the flowerladies of KBK 2020

Bijgewerkt op: 30 jan. 2021

One of the first cycling competitions of 2020 and one of the last with audience for a while was extra special thanks to the flower ladies. The ladies were dressed in upcycle creations by di'Elle made out of old cycling outfits donated by koersmuseum in Roeselare. These dresses tell the story of cycling events, how it connects and has his traditions. The 2 outfits are contrasting, black and white, just as the result of a cycling race, but there is so much more to cycling then the winner. Cycling events are for everyone and brings people together, this is made visual in the white outfit with the rainbow collors on the words 'free -sport' on the other dress. This dress is made out of the new shirt of KBK 2020 and vintage shirts that match the colors red, white and red. Special detail are the kissy lips that stand for the kisses that the flower ladies give the winners. These dresses not only symbolize unity of cycling fans but also the possibility to create new items out of the old. An example of how we can reuse, reduce and redesign items and give them new meaning and function.

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